My First Love


She was pretty, she softly, her daring. She was able to heal me when I was sick, she is the best woman, perfect in my eyes, besides mother and my sister.

I know, but I never met her. We know through Facebook. We love to use the heart to heart. Until one day, if it hurts the heart must feel the pain at all, uhm … like a dagger, a blow. 🙂

Her name Elma Nur’aini, born in the town of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, December 03, 1994. Her father’s name is Mr. Sukarjo, her mother name’s Mrs. Luluk , and his brother name’s Fahd Abdillah. Elma was the fifth child.

We invented on December 7, 2009 and broke .. um … hehe, I never felt that our relationship is damaged. Although we often really fighting, heart to heart.
We like to sing the song “My Heart” By Acha Septriasa And Irwansyah , the lyric is, –>

If  you love somebody could we be this strong…
I willl fight to win, our love will conquer all…
Wouldn’t risk my love even just one night…

Our love will stay in my heart…

My Heart….

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One response to “My First Love

  1. syifa

    hummm….it’s so….poor…
    u look like a rider but fall down n never give up…

    ehm… it was about time… 😦

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